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Hypnosis in Orlando for STOP SMOKING ORLANDO (SSO) - Get Your 50% Holiday Discount on All Services and Programs While It Lasts

Tired of being a smoker at the holiday gatherings? Today-not tomorrow:  You can become a non-smoker again, GUARANTEED, benefit from three free sessions, get a complimentary back-up CD, and deduct it all from your taxes.  We know from helping hundreds of other smokers that these decisions do not come easy and you need to move when ready.  We will get you seen within 24 hours.  Best of all, you can utilize our proven treatment in one visit - either at home, at our office, or even by tele-video conferencing (SKYPE).  No need to wait, get started now with hypnosis for smoking cessation now.

My lungs and I would highly recommend Hypnosis to anyone who truly has a desire to quit smoking.  I had been a 2 pack a day smoker for over 20 years, developed adult asthma, and could no longer even walk my dog without shortness of breath.  I have spent Hundreds of dollars over the years on all the so called quit smoking programs including over the counter and prescription drugs.  It was so hard to believe after just 1 Hypnosis session with you I no longer needed to smoke, and it is easy not to smoke because I have none of the symptoms I had with my other attempts to stop, example, irritability, weight gain-nervousness.  I love not depending on Asthma medicines to help me breathe, I take my dog on long walks now, go swimming and just enjoy life so much better.  The money I save in not buying cigarettes makes a nice vacation fund also.  Thank you ever so much Mr. Jackson.
  Chris Compeau

Our Stop Smoking Orlando (SSO) program is fast, easy, affordable and virtually withdrawal free.   Follow the steps below and we will contact you with the fastest solution of your choice.

Simply choose your location:

  • Home 
  • Our Office
  • Telephone
  • Computer (Tele-Video Conferencing)

Choose your time:

  • Same Day
  • Evening
  • Weekend

Fill out our on-line consultation which consists of:

  • Past medical history
  • present medical history
  • a few questions regarding your cigarette smoking habits.

This includes:

  • Your Complete Comprehensive Wellness Evaluation
  • Free Stress Release Hypnosis Session to ease the interim anxiety preceding your smoking cessation treatment.
  • Same-day, evening, or weekend appointment with the Certified Hypnotist
  • Custom Support Session to use whenever you need it
  • Three complimentary visits from our hypnotherapist should you need them for a period of 12 months.

If you have read this far, there is nothing left to do but call us at (407) 309-6104.  

At work?  Other reasons you can't call right now?  Click here and fill our your Comprehensive Wellness Evaluation.

Not sure? Read on and we will explain how hypnosis is the only proven tool for smoking cessation with the highest success rate and the least amount of investment time wise and monetarily. 

Tried to Quit Before?

While it may seem there are no easy ways to stop smoking, hypnosis will help assure you beat your nicotine addiction. Many people like you think they should stop smoking cigarettes but find it too difficult. The reason for this is because there is a psychological basis of nicotine addiction more than the physiological basis of nicotine addiction. After 24 hours of smoke-free living, you are stuck with your subconscious urging you to light that cigarette. Hypnosis handles both the physiological and psychological reasons you smoke leaving you smoke-free now and forever

How does hypnosis work?

Many misconceptions exist about hypnosis, and much of this comes from what we see in movies and on television. You must remember that the directors of those movies and the television programs are trying to entertain people, rather than inform them about the subject of hypnosis, and this results in people developing false impressions and total misunderstandings about hypnosis. You are never out of control. You are never under some sort of zombie-like unconscious spell, in fact you are totally IN control at all times, and are totally aware of what is happening around you the whole time.
A smoker may consciously want to quit smoking. They don't like the terrible smell. They don't like the way it affects their health. They don't like burning holes in their clothes and furnishings, and they certainly don't like watching their money go up in smoke. Yet they continue smoking in spite of their many reasons for wanting to quit. These people are unable to quit because they are being controlled by thoughts, imprints and impressions, which exist in their subconscious minds. The conscious level of the mind can be used to reason and think, but it cannot over rule the control of the subconscious mind that has been programmed by thoughts, imprints, and impressions, that the conscious level of the mind is not even aware of.

March 1st, 2008, the day that I tried to quit smoking forever with the help of hypnosis. Sure I tried the patch, gum, even cold turkey. That didn't last long. I could take off the patch, stop chewing the gum, and convinced myself I was gaining weight if I didn't smoke. I knew I needed help to stop smoking and with hypnosis I am more confident that I can quit and not replace it with another bad habit. Of course, the desire to quit must be there and hypnosis is a great tool to make it happen. I was skeptical and a little afraid but there is absolutely nothing to fear as you are in complete control. I am so grateful to have discovered hypnosis not only for myself but hopefully to let others know about it. --Denise 

Update: November 21st, 2010

I'm doing so good. Thank you so much. If I ever feel the need to have a boost, I won't hesitate to call, but for now I'm doing great. Have a lot more energy and time.  --Thanks again, Denise

The "Hypnosis Method" gives your subconscious mind the suggestions and instructions it needs to change and clear out all of those thoughts, imprints and impressions, which are currently causing you to smoke. This is one of the main reasons why hypnosis can be so powerful in helping people overcome the smoking habit permanently.

Once a person has been guided into a hypnotic state, the subconscious level of the mind becomes much more susceptible to suggestions. The person is completely aware of what the therapist is saying, and the suggestions given by the therapist are received by the subconscious mind, and have a powerful and profound effect in releasing those thoughts, imprints and impressions that have been causing the problem.

Unless the subconscious mind is changed, the smoking habit continues to dominate the person. Normal willpower can only dent the surface temporarily. Hypnosis can permanently change the subconscious mind, so you will never want to smoke again.

Your subconscious mind will also be given suggestions

  • To keep you calm and relaxed as you go about your normal daily activities, so you will not stress as a result of not smoking.

  • Not to substitute food for cigarettes so you will not put on any excess weight as a result of not smoking.

  • To cope with the situation of being around other smokers.

  • Strategies to deal with any residual withdrawal symptoms or cravings.

As a result of the hypnotic process your cravings and withdrawal symptoms tend to reduce by between 80% and 100%. Some may still experience a tiny bit of residual withdrawal symptoms, however your subconscious mind will receive strategies for dealing with any residual cravings, so that as soon as the strategy is put in place, the craving disappears very quickly. The actual session itself is very positive and uplifting, and you will feel wonderful to finally be a non-smoker. Rather than being cranky and moody, you will feel terrific about not smoking. You can get rid of the smoking habit permanently and completely with our SSO than by any other method being used today, and in over 98% of cases it only takes one session to permanently overcome the smoking habit.

NOTE:  This same program works for anyone who dips or chews tobacco.

I dipped snuff from the age of 12 to 42. I had tried numerous times to stop to no avail. I would have cravings that would interrupt my sleep. The disgusting habit included spitting and having spit cups. The habit controlled my life. The negative health effects included stained teeth and sores in my mouth, but I continued to use smokeless tobacco. I was a slave and snuff was my master. Then I went to Act Now Wellness Center. After one session with the hypnotist snuff left my life never to return. I have not had a craving since. It is like I never dipped snuff at all. My health has improved, my teeth are white again and I have $150 more every month to spend as I wish!   My name is Kent Huggins and this is a true story. If you want to speak to me about my experience with Act Now please call me at 321-274-2537.

How Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy Can Help

For issues that are habitual, compulsive and/or behavioral in nature we highly recommend hypnosis and hypnotherapy. It's fast, even the most complicated issues are permanently resolved in just 2-4 visits. It's permanent: Hypnotherapy allows for the resolution of the issues that cause problem behavior patterns in the first place rather than just treating the pattern or problem allowing you to benefit permanently and never have to deal with the same debilitating issues again.

We have a simple process of helping you get the solutions you need. We encourage you to start with a free, one hour wellness consultation. This way know where you are in the water as far as what your therapy needs to include, how many sessions, AND what your financial commitment will be prior to beginning the program by CLICKING HERE and beginning the wellness evaluation. This way, if you decide you want to explore other options or facilities, you are informed.

Next, we want to encourage you to call us now if pricing is a problem. We work with people (within reason of course), devising payment options that are flexible. Each person's needs are different and no single treatment is appropriate for all individuals, so we customize each and every program for the individual. It is because of this that pricing is impossible to just nail down in a paragraph on the web. This is why we encourage the free, no obligation comprehensive wellness evaluation to ensure that you get all of your answers quickly and accurately at one time.

Our office hours are from 7:00AM to 7:00PM, Monday through Sunday. Why so many hours of operation? So we can be flexible where your schedule isn't. We can see you at our office conveniently located near downtown Orlando, at your home (no extra charge if you're within a half hour of our Orlando location, or our sessions can be completed via tele-hypnosis or Skype.

Act Now Wellness Center's drug free solutions aren't just limited to weight loss, smoking cessation, stress, depression and anxieties. Our hypnotherapist's safe and pleasant hypnosis and hypnotherapy sessions are designed to help you unlock your subconscious for self-discovery, and effectively deal with issues such as chronic fears and phobias as well as drug and alcohol addiction (98% recovery rate). The professionals at our Taylor Avenue center will help bring a sense of physical, emotional, and mental balance to your life. So what are you waiting for? Call us today! (407) 309-6104
  • No-Risk Guarantee

We are so confident in the effectiveness of our hypnosis and hypnotherapy programs, we offer an exclusive, "no-risk" guarantee of our services: If at your very first hypnosis session you are not satisfied for any reason, we will refund 100% of your money. Just let us know before leaving the premises. No questions asked!

Our Competitive Discount :
Unless you are coming to see us for addiction, you will never need to come for more than our four session program to handle an issue. This includes depression, anxieties and other ailments that you may even be on a long term pharmaceutical regimens to handle.

OPEN: Monday thru Saturday, 9:00am to 3:00pm. and 4pm-7pm  Call us today!

To put it simple, hypnosis and hypnotherapy IS permanent and it works fast. If anyone is telling you any different CALL US. We care only about your health and well-being. Once we see you for an issue, we never expect to see you back again. So before you sign on with our competitors for half a dozen or more visits, please call us for a free evaluation and additional discount. Act Now is here to give hypnosis and hypnotherapy a good, honest name.

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Success from any kind of coaching, medical or hypnosis process cannot be guaranteed. Individual results will vary greatly and in accordance to your commitment, effort, determination, hard work, and ability to follow directions. Summary: As in any self-change program and with everything in life, you get out what you put in.Free Smoking and Weight Loss Hypnosis Sessions-Find Out How

In only 1-4 sessions our clients report they have more energy, focus, tolerance, relaxation and even sleep better.

Learn about safely managing diabetes, hypoglycemia, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart disease.

Stress, Depression & Anxiety
Drug Free Solutions

Hypnosis will help allow you to integrate new behaviors into your unconscious, so that you are not continually struggling to escape a rollercoaster of emotions and discomfort surrounding everyday life. Learn how you can feel better permanently without relying on dangerous medications and costly, repetitive therapy.


I truly enjoy being alcohol free and finally getting things done that I’ve wanted to for years.
I would tell everyone looking for a hypnotist in Orlando to definitely try it.
This is the first time I saw real results.
It was a wonderful experience!
The hypnosis services work great!
You'll be surprised how effective it can be.
It works!
I never thought I would stop smoking.

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