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Knowing what and how to cook your nutritious foods is just as important as the foods themselves.

There are tons of ways to cook and some ways are healthier than others. We will go over barbecue, sautť, grilling, steaming, baking, and everything in between. We have recommendations that are simple and delicious. Ditch that micro-wave, we can show you how to cook meals with limited time. Even though we wonít be in your kitchen we will have support material to guide you through.

Many individuals get off work late and donít feel like they have enough energy to cook a meal. Some people just donít have enough time and other plain and simple canít cook. To that first group, energy perpetuates. Try it my way for a week and see if you are still too tired to make a meal. All of that fast food and those frozen processed microwavable dinners are not giving you the nutrients you need and by replacing them with a healthier choice you will see a change. To that second group, I am a time bandit! If you canít find it I will steal it for you. I used to get home at 11:00 at night and still cook my meals, if thereís a will thereís a way. To that last group, I was once in your shoes and I learned just like anything else this takes effort. I will have some step by step information to assist your new endeavors, never give up.

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Act Now Center's Post-Hypnosis COOKING INFORMATION Session Free CDs/mp3 

Our COOKING INFORMATION CDs/mp3s are not like everyone else's. These Recordings include extremely powerful suggestions, that are reinforced over and over during the session. Additionally, while what you here is a professional hypnosis session with very nice background music, what you don't hear is that encapsulated into that background music are very profound subliminal messages, messages that you don't hear consciously but that your subconscious is devouring, soaking up these strong subliminal suggestions for achieving and maintaining the goals of the hypnosis session. The end result is a quantum leap in your subconscious ability to achieve the results you desire. Stated another way, hypnosis by itself has the capacity to change peoples lives completely! Subliminal messages on their own reduce shrinkage (loss of merchandise due to theft) in stores by more than 70%! No wonder the stores are always playing elevator music! But combined these two techniques individual strengths are not simply added together but are absolutely MULTIPLIED.

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